FLUX:: release EVO.IN

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FLUX:: release EVO.IN

EVO.IN is taken directly from FLUX's EVO Channel and offers the phase alignment and drive sections as a separate plugin.

Multi-miked sources, namely acoustic drums, are a minefield when it comes to phase relationships. The Phase section of EVO.IN is designed to help you with that. You have the ability to group your channels into up to 8 groups and rotate their phase from -180º to +180º.

The Drive section of EVO.IN offers a soft saturation for your source, generating additional harmonics without any noticeable displeasing distortion.

EVO.IN is available in Audio Units, AAX AudioSuite, AAX Native, AAX DSP, and VST formats for use in your favourite DAW. It also supports Waves WPAPI for Soundgrid systems, and AAX Venue for AVID Venue live systems.