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Recommended Podcasts

The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast

Hosts Brian Hood and Chris Graham offer advice and discuss how to take your home studio business to the next level in audio entrepreneurship.

They cover topics including marketing, finances, clients, ways to take ideas from other industries, and much more.

URM Podcast

Unstoppable Recording Machine Podcast

Formerly the Joey Sturgis Forum Podcast. Hosts Eyal Levi, Joel Wanasek, and Joey Sturgis speak to a variety of producers, artists, and others within the audio industry.

Guests include David Bendeth, Nolly, Kris Crummett, Machine, Blasko and many more.

UBK Happy Funtime Hour

UBK Happy Funtime Hour

Host Gregory "UBK" Scott from Kush-Audio talks about recording, mixing, and other audio topics.

The show sometimes includes guests, including Greg Wells, Sylvia Massey, Joe Baressi, and more.

Working Class Audio Podcast

Host Matt Bodreau talks with a wide variety of producers and engineers about multiple audio related topics including business practices, mistakes, the work-life balance, and more.

Guests including Andrew Scheps, Eric Valentine, Steve Albini, Vance Powell, and many more.

The Stay Spongy Show with John McLucas

The Stay Spongy Show

Host John McLucas covers multiple topics related to music and audio career development.

Topics covered including marketing, motivation, and other audio business topics.