Workflow Hacks: Mac Custom Key Commands

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Workflow Hacks: Mac Custom Key Commands

If there is an action that you activate in the top menu bar, but your DAW/app doesn't include a key command for it, you can create your own!

  • Go to System Preferences, Keyboard, and hit the Shortcuts tab
  • Click App Shortcuts in the left panel
  • Click the + button and choose your app from the drop-down menu

Next, you'll need to know the exact path for the Shortcut. You can find this by navigating to your desired action in the menu and remembering its path.


In Logic Pro X, there isn't a command for "Bounce And Replace All Tracks". The Menu path is "File > Bounce > And Replace All Tracks".


To set this within System Preferences, I typed the following into the "Menu Title" box:

File->Bounce->And Replace All Tracks...

I set the command to Alt+B, to keep it similar to the other Bounce commands.

It's as easy as that!

Some things to note:

  • For each sub-menu, you need to use another -> in the Menu Title
  • The ... suffix is necessary in some apps, like Logic in this example. Make sure you type it exactly as it shows in the menu, and your shortcut will work.

This tip isn't necessarily DAW or audio specific, you could use it with any app.

Some ideas:

In Finder, navigating to a specific folder that you use often: Go->Recent Folders->YOUR FOLDER

In System Preferences, you can jump straight to the Sound panel where you switch audio drivers: View->Sound

In Mail, you can move messages to specific folders you may have set up: Message->Move to->YOUR FOLDER

In Spotify, activate a Private Session: Spotify->Private Session