Here a few common problems that some users may run into.

Where is my license email?

Probably in your junk/spam box.

We use multiple different types of license fulfilment, and because of this some emails may reach you, some may not. If the product(s) you ordered are "Instant Delivery" and you haven't received the email within a few minutes of your order, chances are your email provider has junked it, or blocked it completely.

If you don't have the license email, get in touch with us through our live chat or email, and we'll send the email over to you manually.

The plugin isn't showing in my DAW.

Try restarting your computer, seriously.

In most cases this fixes things, unless there is a larger problem at hand.

You can also check in your DAW's plugin list to check if it is showing there. Some DAWs give you the option to choose which folders they scan for plugins, Cubase for example.

If the plugin isn't in the list, you may need to rescan for plugins, restarting the DAW or your computer will normally do this. If after that it's still not showing, there may be an issue with the installation. It's best to contact the plugin manufacturer's own support in these cases.