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Antares Articulator EVO

Digital Talkbox Plugin

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Perfect for talking guitars, singing synths, and a wide range of special effects, ARTICULATOR EVO is a modern digital version of the venerable talk box.

If you've ever seen a guitarist with a plastic tube in their mouth and a guitar that sounds like it’s talking, then you have a basic idea of what a talk box is. A physical talkbox works by applying a filter (the human mouth) to an Format-AUdio signal (usually a guitar or synth). ARTICULATOR EVO models this process by extracting the formant and amplitude information from a vocal track and applying it to another Format-AUdio track or to a built-in noise generator in real time.

ARTICULATOR EVO also features a built-in EQ, a Formant Modulation section, which allows you to sculpt your vocal characteristics using our throat modelling technology, and an Amplitude Modulation control, which lets you dial in exactly how strong you want the modulation effect to be.