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Antares Sybil EVO

Vocal DeEsser Plugin

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SYBIL EVO is designed to quickly and easily tame excessive vocal sibilance (ess, tsss, ch, and sh sounds) with a flexible compressor and a variable-frequency High Pass filter that ensures that you get optimum de-essing for any vocal performance.

SYBIL EVO includes a flexible compressor with Threshold, Ratio, Attack and Decay controls, a variable-frequency High-pass Filter that lets you fine-tune the sibilance reduction for each individual performance to ensure that only the unwanted sibilance is affected, and a Gain Reduction Meter that gives you a visual indication of the de-essing process and aids in the
fine-tuning of the other controls.

With SYBIL EVO, everything you need to get control of vocal sibilance is right at your fingertips.