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Antares Warm EVO

Tube Emulation Plugin

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Nothing warms up a vocal track, or, in fact, pretty much any track, like being recorded through a high-quality analogue tube preamplifier. And thanks to our WARM EVO Tube Saturation Generator, you can add this gorgeous tube warmth to every track of your mix without having to take out a second mortgage for a bank of exotic preamps.

WARM offers the choice of two different tube models: Velvet Tube models the subtle effects of classic tube saturation. While most often useful for adding warmth to vocals, it’s just as useful for acoustic guitar, horns, strings, synth pads, in fact pretty much anything.

The Crunch Tube models the deep, warm distortion of an overdriven tube amplifier. You can also crank it up for that “industrial” vocal sound or as an effect for electric guitar, bass, or synths.

Finally, WARM's unique OmniTube function allows the application of the tube effect to the entire signal (as opposed to only the transients, as is typically the case with a tube preamp).

And since WARM is extremely DSP efficient, you can use it on an almost unlimited number of tracks simultaneously. Which is great, since once you start using WARM, you’re going to want it on almost everything.