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20 Virtual Instruments for Kontakt Full

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Kontakt Full

The New Tonal Ensemble Maker

TETRALITY produces incredible combinations of acoustic instrument patterns that follow your chords. With 20 organic multi-sampled instruments and 4 layers, TETRALITY provides endless gorgeous arpeggiations and sequences arrangements that will beautify your tracks.

TETRALITY sports four sound layers, 20 instruments per layer, individual polyrhytmic sequencer and mapping options per layer.

TETRALITY's divisi feature recognises up to four notes chords so each of the four sequencers will play a separated melody or phrase, without doubling other instruments notes.

TETRALITY's extensive randomisation options will create automatically beautiful arrangements that work without clashing notes, and with rhythms, phrases and ornaments that make musical sense.

TETRALITY's instruments have been chosen specifically to create elegant ensembles and unique sonic scapes.

TETRALITY can store up to eight master scenes which can be recalled on the fly while performing: each scene can include totally different instruments, mappings, sequences, speeds, scales, mixer settings and more.

TETRALITY's instruments can be spatially arranged as captured on a stage, or can be also panned as required.

TETRALITY can improvise at different levels of variations amounts, so the sequences will never be stale and repetitive. It can also add groups of notes we call "Ornaments" to spice up the arrangement.


  • 4 sound layers
  • 20 multi-sampled acoustic instruments
  • 4 independent poly-rhythmic sequencers with 75 phrases presets
  • Phrase improvisation with different degrees of variation
  • Divisi playing mode with divisi mode manager
  • Phrase ornaments
  • Fluid mapping system
  • 8 master scenes
  • Scale/key manager
  • Arpeggiator
  • Layer mixer
  • 1 convolution reverb per layer
  • Master convolution reverb
  • Master delay
  • Extensive scene editing & management
  • Intelligent automatic creation of scenes, sounds combinations and sequences

Master Arpeggiator

A fully equipped arpeggiator which works in tandem with the 4 sequencers.

Sequencer Presets

75 sequencer presets with auto-preview, categorized in Rhythmic, Melodic, and Fragmented.

Divisi Manager

A clever grid to assign each chord note to the desired layer in divisi mode.

Layers Mixer Panel

Each layer's controls including: Independent convolution, delay send, volume, pan, width, default stage positioner, and octave shift.

Master Panel

Master convolution reverb, master delay parameters, individual output options, and master envelope settings.

Notes Visualizer

A handy tool to visualize how the generated notes interact with each other.

Global Options

Scale/key manager, sync options, feel and swing, divisi, and scale options.

System Requirements

  • Native Instruments Kontakt Full 5.8.1 or higher
  • MacOS 10.11 El Capitan or higher
  • Windows 7 or above