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Audiomodern Ryoji

MIDI Modulated audio effect for Ableton / Max for Live

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Ryoji requires Ableton Live 9.5 & Max For Live 7.1 or higher

Audiomodern & StrangeLines present Ryoji, created by developer Ernesto Cecco D'Ortona, Ryoji is an experimental plugin that makes anything sound like Ryoji Ikeda’s glitch music.

Created by Ernesto Cecco D'Ortona, user experience professional, sound designer artist and developer, to bring you the premium Max for Live experience.

Ernesto Cecco D’Ortona is a user experience designer, artist and Max/MSP guru from Italy. He's not new to the Ableton community for his innovative and easy to use devices. His very own project, StrangeLines, is focused on bringing strong and unusual electronic vibes to the mix through "strange" instruments, both pleasurable and fast to use in the daily rush of the busy music producer. Don't be fooled by the experimental mood: if you're looking for high-quality and uncommon results in no time, Ryoji is the perfect fit for you, no matter the music genre.