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Audionamix TRAX Pro 3 SP

Audio Separation Software

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The Post-Production Engineer's Dream Come True

Our most comprehensive and powerful separation software, TRAX Pro SP includes access to the latest breakthroughs in automated speech separation as well as the entire TRAX Pro feature set. Recommended for isolating speech from full soundtracks, dialogue editing and easy denoising, audio restoration and professional vocal and instrument isolations.

  • Mac only
  • Standalone software
  • Targets Speech / Dialogue
  • Targets Vocal and Instrumental Melodies
  • Create and export full isolations
  • Integrated Pitchogram refinement tools

Who's It For?

Content Owners

  • Isolate or remove speech from archived content, opening up possibilities for redubbing, remixing and releasing titles.

Audio Engineers

  • Gain the most advanced access to vocals, speech and lead melodies within mono or stereo files – whether you work in post or music, TRAX Pro 3 SP offers the most advanced solution.
  • Precisely edit and refine files with the integrated, fully conservative spectral editor.

Post-Production Studios

  • Separate, isolate or remove speech from full mixes.
  • Equip your edit rooms and re-recording stages with the most advanced speech and melodic separation technology.


  • Isolate or Remove Speech
  • Isolate or Remove Vocals and Melodic Content
  • Available for Mac OS (Standalone Architecture)
  • Works on both Mono and Stereo Sources
  • Supports up to 192kHz, 32-bit Floating Point Audio Files
  • GPU-Enhanced Separation Speeds
  • Automatic Consonants Detection
  • Speech Optimized Pitchogram
  • Full-Frequency Spectral Toolkit
  • Pan-Specific Spectral Editor
  • Smart Attenuate Tool
  • Tonal / Noise Filter