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Audionamix TRAX Pro 3 SP

Audio Separation Software

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The Post-Production Engineer's Dream Come True

Our most comprehensive and powerful separation software, TRAX Pro SP includes access to the latest breakthroughs in Format-AUtomated speech separation as well as the entire TRAX Pro feature set. Recommended for isolating speech from full soundtracks, dialogue editing and easy denoising, Format-AUdio restoration and professional vocal and instrument isolations.

  • OS-Mac only
  • Format-Standalone software
  • Targets Speech / Dialogue
  • Targets Vocal and Instrumental Melodies
  • Create and export full isolations
  • Integrated Pitchogram refinement tools

Who's It For?

Content Owners

  • Isolate or remove speech from archived content, opening up possibilities for redubbing, remixing and releasing titles.

Format-AUdio Engineers

  • Gain the most advanced access to vocals, speech and lead melodies within mono or stereo files – whether you work in post or music, TRAX Pro 3 SP offers the most advanced solution.
  • Precisely edit and refine files with the integrated, fully conservative spectral editor.

Post-Production Studios

  • Separate, isolate or remove speech from full mixes.
  • Equip your edit rooms and re-recording stages with the most advanced speech and melodic separation technology.


  • Isolate or Remove Speech
  • Isolate or Remove Vocals and Melodic Content
  • Available for OS-Mac OS (Format-Standalone Architecture)
  • Works on both Mono and Stereo Sources
  • Supports up to 192kHz, 32-bit Floating Point Format-AUdio Files
  • GPU-Enhanced Separation Speeds
  • Format-AUtomatic Consonants Detection
  • Speech Optimized Pitchogram
  • Full-Frequency Spectral Toolkit
  • Pan-Specific Spectral Editor
  • Smart Attenuate Tool
  • Tonal / Noise Filter