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WAV Format

The Awe-Inspiring Sound of Legendary Creatures

After millennia of deep slumber, the greatly feared horde of earth-shattering beasts comes to life with its incredible repertoire of timeless roars, hisses, bellows, screeches, moans, and more terrifying sounds. Construct your own with numerous authentic animal recordings as well as human and prop elements. Or use the readily available designed sounds for maximum impact. Create a lasting sense of awe and dread with MONSTERS & BEASTS in your trailer, video game, or motion picture.

Monsters & Beasts Construction Kit

Authentic Animal Recordings

Draw from a vast pool of clean, crisp, and lively animal vocalizations featuring alpacas, baboons, camels, seals, crows, dogs, donkeys, elephants, foxes, pigs, badgers, owls, hyenas, lions, loris, otters, parrots, raccoons, griffins, kestrels, sheep, tigers, caracals, leopards, chicken, cows, goats, and horses. Being a comprehensive realistic animal sound library in its own right, the Construction Kit gives you a varied, flexible toolset to come up with incredible, daunting creations.

Human Elements, Props

Flesh out your designs with additional elements from human recordings and various objects and materials offering bestial snarls, hisses, air releases, squeals, creaks, growls, and more.

192kHz for Maximum Editing Flexibility

The CONSTRUCTION KIT delivers all files in the ultra-high fidelity of 192,000 samples per second, giving you immense pitching freedom while keeping every precious detail. Twist, morph, and bend the source material to the extreme and achieve results out of this world!

  • Files: 737
  • Sounds: 4637
  • Size: 13.33GB
  • Content Info: PDF
  • Format: 24bit/192kHz WAV

Monsters & Beasts Designed

Huge, Large, Medium, Small

The DESIGNED package delivers cinematic sounds of varyingly sized animals existing only in legend or on the big silver screen, such as dragons, mammoths, saber-toothed cats, great bears, basilisks, and more.

5×4 Variations

Each beast features an attack, death, idle, pain, and scream sound with four different variations each, giving you a diverse, yet instantly identifiable and implementable set of sounds to set to your target medium.

  • Files: 80
  • Sounds: 320
  • Size: 1.03GB
  • Content Info: PDF
  • Format: 24bit/192kHz WAV