GGD Smash & Grab 2.0

FET and VCA Compressor Plugin - Designed for Drums

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AAX Native - Compatible with Pro Tools 11 and above
AudioUnits Format VST2 Format VST3 Format
Free iLok account required, USB dongle optional
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Compression Simplified

Compression is an extremely important element to all areas of a modern mix, but none more so than drums. Too little, and your drums will lack attack and weight. Too much, and your drums will sound small and lackluster. Being how passionate we are about drums we wanted to find a solution to help beginners and professionals alike improve their workflow, and get great results every time. We present to you, Smash and Grab.

  • NEW Pro mode giving full access to two world-class compressors
  • 12 specialized styles of compression
  • Use the Grab compressor to add attack and impact
  • Use the Smash compressor for weight and size
  • Built-in pre and post EQ sections to improve workflow
  • Stop the guesswork with the powerful 'drum type' knob with hundreds of optimizations all happening under the hood
  • Built-in saturation to help shape and add character to your drums

Stop scrolling through your plug-ins endlessly trying to find the right compressor, and let your creativity flow with Smash and Grab.


Smash is based on several FET style compressors. This side of the compressor helps to give your drums length, weight and size. Perfect for snares, rooms, and your parallel bus.


Grab is based on several VCA style compressors. This side of the compressor helps to give your drums impact, and attack. Great for shaping kicks, toms and controlling overheads.

Drum Mode

The drum type knob is a very simple yet powerful control. Each drum is optimized for it's particular style, taking the headache out of finding the right settings, compressor, EQ points and more!


The beef control is a pre-compressor EQ, used to add a little more weight to your drums. The EQ points change in relation to the drum type selected.


The air control is a post-compressor EQ, used to add clarity and sheen. The EQ points change in relation to the drum type selected.

The saturation control is extremely versatile, allowing for soft clipping, to pure distortion. Great for shaping your drums, and helping them cut through the mix.

Smash and Grab is a unique dynamics powerhouse, delivering carefully optimized compression to suit every part of your drum mix. Essentially two completely discrete compressors in one plugin, plus specialized modes for each type of drum track, Smash & Grab combines sonic excellence with extreme flexibility and a fast and simple workflow - it's the only compressor plugin you'll need to mix your perfect drum sounds, giving world-class results in no time at all.

Add EQ controls to dial in extra beef and air, a saturation circuit with three different clipping modes, advanced side-chain controls and a blend knob for parallel compression, and you've got an incredibly powerful and versatile processor at your disposal.

Smash and Grab is the synthesis of our years of experience engineering and mixing for some of the biggest bands in modern heavy music. It's an intuitive, feature-packed tool that doesn't need to be second-guessed, so you can effortlessly nail the drum sound, then move on with confidence.