Impact Studios Impact Drums 1

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Drums Samples in Kontakt Full, Slate Trigger and WAV formats

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Trigger TCI Format
WAV Format

IMPACT DRUMS 1 is the first complete drum pack from Impact Studios: a collection of earth-shattering snares, toms and kicks suitable for drag and drop implementation into your mix for a quick and consistently huge drum sound. Alternatively, load in the unprocessed versions and blend from a wide selection of great mics to get a sound that's unique to you, while still packing a ton of power, weight and punch.

Includes both processed and unprocessed versions for ultimate flexibility, mixed meticulously by Buster himself.

Requires a full version of Kontakt v5.5 or later.

Shells Included:

  • PEARL 8x12 Reference Pure Rack Tom
  • PEARL 16x16 Reference Pure Floor Tom
  • PEARL 16x20 Reference Pure Kick
  • PEARL 5x14 Sensitone Maple Snare (3 versions)
  • PEARL 6.5x14 Sensitone Brass Snare (2 versions)
  • CRAVIOTTO 8x14 Solid Ash Snare (2 versions)


  • Snares: Hard // Medium // Soft // Ghost
  • Kick: Hard // Medium // Soft
  • Toms: Hard // Medium // Soft


  • Snares: Top // Bottom // Overheads // Room Stereo & Mono
  • Kick: SM7 // Sub // Overheads // Room Stereo & Mono
  • Toms: Close // Overheads // Room Stereo & Mono

Impact Drums 1 includes 3,036 samples, 12x Round Robin per articulation.

Included formats:
- NKI (Kontakt)
- TCI (Slate Trigger)
- 24bit, 44.1kHz WAV