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Impact Studios Kemper Pack 1

Profile Bundle for Kemper Profiling Amplifiers

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KEMPER PACK 1 is a collection of 21 searing amp-and-cab profiles designed specifically for drop-tuned metal (although they kick ass in standard too). The pack is split into three gain tiers: low, medium and high, giving you complete control over precisely how much filth your sound calls for. Each of the profiles was meticulously tweaked to ensure maximum play-ability at all gain settings, so if you're a fan of the tonality of one of the low-gain profiles, don't be afraid to crank it until it screams.

Buster used his custom P. Kamecki guitar for profiling, which features a 28" scale-length and Fluence pickups, and was tuned (low-to-high) E-B-E-A-Ab-A.

Requires Kemper OS 5.3 or later. Our profiles can be installed on the Profiler via USB, or through the Rig Manager software,