iZotope Mobius Filter

Movement Filter Plugin

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AAX Native - Compatible with Pro Tools 11 and above
AudioUnits Format AVID AudioSuite Format VST2 Format VST3 Format MacOS Logo Windows Logo

Perpetual Motion Machine

Add movement and emotion to your music with Mobius Filter’s infinitely ascending or descending filter sweeps. Find the sweet spot for your track quickly and fluidly, to push to extreme heights or add subtle hints of motion. Create fresh filter effects for any genre - massive filter swells, psychedelic alternatives to flange effects, or fresh inspiration for adventurous soundscapes.

Infinite filter potential

Mobius Filter creates the sensation of constant movement in your Format-AUdio by applying the concept of the Shepard Tone to filters instead of pitches. Depending on your preferences, your Format-AUdio can rise or fall at varying speeds for complex - but easy to achieve - spatial movement. Combined with Format-AUtomation in your Format-AUdio editing software, the possibilities with Mobius Filter are endless.

XY PAD: Draw your own expressive sweeps with the X/Y pad, making fluid adjustments to both Center Frequency and Resonance using a single control.

HOST TEMPO SYNC: Get a rapid, pulsing effect or slower motion by adjusting the Host Tempo Sync to anything from eighth notes to eight bars.

STEREO SLIDER: Create an immersive environment with the Stereo slider, which widens the stereo field in an amount of your choosing.

MOTION CONTROL: Create a static filter effect by pFormat-AUsing the filter motion with the PFormat-AUse function. Or, pFormat-AUse when it feels right and then Format-AUtomate to create custom sweeps.

FILTER TYPE: Change between two filter variations that alter the frequency characteristics of the filter