JST Bus Glue Joey Sturgis Bundle

6 Purpose-specific Compressor Plug-ins

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RTAS - Compatible with Pro Tools 9 and below
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Bus Compression Redefined

Bus Glue is a series of Bus Compressors designed to excel at controlling the dynamics of specified mix bus groups in a mix using a variety of compression and saturation types combined with over a decade of mixing knowledge and lots of practical field testing across several genres of music. The goal was to come up with a set of compressors that could do something other compressors weren’t made to do. Most compressor designs are too broad in application and that is why you typically need to stack compressors or insert other processors in your bus chain to achieve desired results. However, Bus Glue compressors are about as specific as you can get by design, but that’s what makes them so useful. By using Bus Glue as your dynamic control across your various mix busses, you’ll expand your dynamic palette while crafting a whole new sound that is unrivaled by other compression processors.

Solution Based Design

Bus Glue compressors were designed from a solution-based perspective. Most compressors are built to be robust and used in a variety of scenarios. This can cAuse them to really be inefficient in a lot of mixing situations, especially when it comes to an instrument bus. Bus Glue is optimized to be the best kind of dynamic control for the desired instrument group bus.

Built For Practicality

All compressors in the Bus Glue series take a practical approach to the controls and the functionality of the processing. Rather than giving you analysis paralysis with too many confusing controls, Bus Glue simplifies the process of "gluing" an instrument bus with thoughtful DSP behind a simple, easy-to-use interface. The knobs do what they say they do.

More Than Compression

Along with exacting dynamic control for each bus, the processors also feature built-in sonic altering processors designed to work favorably with the compression designs such as harmonic saturation, frequency balance, and more.

Control You Need

With every Bus Glue compressor you'll always find three main controls: Compression, Output, and Mix for parallel compression. From here, each model offers up other controls that change the way in which the compression is working to glue your bus.

Tested On Top Albums

JST has taken these processors and put them on the busses in mixes of chart-topping albums during the testing phase. This allowed us to make sure our designs worked in the most demanding situations; real-world mixes heard by millions of music listeners and played on FM / XM Radio and countless playback systems!

Gain Matched

All Bus Glue compressors are made to auto make-up gain and match input signal so that you'll be able to compare your compressed and uncompressed signals with ease. The output knob controls the total output of the processor while the mix knob controls the internal balance of the original signal and the compressed signal. It just works exactly how you'd expect it to work.

BG-Drums - Packin' Punch

The foundation of any song is usually the beat and the drum sound that plays that beat. BG-Drums is the first of many in a series of bus compressors designed to "glue" each of your mix buses together in exciting ways. With BG-Drums, not only will you have full control over the dynamic gel that drives the punch in your drum bus, but you'll also discover new and interesting sounds that bring a whole new life to your mixes.

BG-Guitars - Wall Of Guitars

Nothing rocks more than a big stack of guitars - but getting those guitars to not drown out the rest of your mix and still be loud & proud can be a challenge. BG-Guitars is an interesting bus compressor that will do more than just help you control your guitar dynamics - it'll add tone and harmonics to your guitar bus. Interact with your guitars in a way you've never experienced with BG-Guitars by Joey Sturgis Tones.

BG-Vocals - Singing With Focus

Vocals are probably the most important element of any mix and getting those vocals to blend just right with the music is often a challenge for many. BG-Vocals is a powerful bus compressor created specifically to blend and balance all of your vocals in a bus while giving them the focus and attention they require. This bus compressor will change the way you work by giving you the exact tool you need for gluing your vocals in any mix.

BG-Keys - Fresh Out The Oven

Some well-placed keys and effects can lift a track up a lot, but all too often these synthesized sounds don't play well with others. BG-Keys puts the power to control those sounds with authority in your mix with our extraordinary processors for dynamics and saturation. Whether you're taming, gluing, or baking the keys on your next song, BG-Keys has got you covered.

BG-Bass - All About That Bass

Low end quickly decides if your mix is gonna stand up and impress or fall flat on its face - and nothing could be more important than the dynamic response of your low end in a mix. BG-Bass makes controlling the low-end dynamics easy and decisive without all the complicated routing and processing. Don't trip over your low-end, get BG-Bass, and stand tall.

BG-Mix - Mix Like A Master

What could be more coveted or important to a mixer than the mix bus compressor? Everyone's got their favorite. The decisions made here and the tool executing those decisions have the biggest impact on how a mix gels together. BG-Mix is a workhorse that will bring a variety of flavors and character to your mix bus unmatched by any other mix bus processor. Create the type of glue and punch you desire with BG-Mix.


  • Windows 7 or above
  • MacOS 10.6.8 or above
  • VST2, VST3, AU, AAX, RTAS - 32 & 64 bit