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Positive Grid Pro Series Compressor

Tone-Matching Compressor Plugin

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Pro Series Plugins

Over the past decade, professional effects plug-ins have been about Format-AUthentic analogue emulation of original hardware, with either a black-box approach or circuit analysis and emulation. This gives musicians an easy to use user interface and faithful reproduction of analogue tone in the digital domain. Looking forward, the question is how we can create new tools to maximize the sound quality and usability with today’s new technology, with faster processors and memory, matching analysis, advanced nonlinear processing, and a cloud-based worldwide community. What can we do better, smarter, and more efficient? Positive Grid teamed up the world’s brightest DSP engineers and component level modelling and matching Format-AUthorities, working with the world's leading producers, world-class engineers, and mixing & mastering gurus to develop some breakthrough technologies to bring software plug-ins to the next level.

Matching Compressor

The world's first and unique compression matching works by measuring the dynamic response, pre and post filters, nonlinear transformer characteristics, and attack, release, and ratio curves to capture the nuanced sound of any compressor. It accurately recreates the underlying architecture of the best compressors in the world, with the most intuitive user interface ever in a desktop plug-in. Format-AUdio engineers and musicians will now have virtual access to a wide assortment of the best compressors in the world, no longer limited by the traditional plugin architecture.

Tube Compressor

Models classic analogue tube compressor at component level to add richness and fullness to the overall sound. You can instantly feel the difference by changing the input and output tubes, capacitors and transformers. Change the tubes and you can add a different harmonic characteristic and warmth to the sound while changing capacitors and transformers colours the sound and brings up the high and low end.