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Waveform Pro 11 Extreme Pack includes:

  • Waveform Pro 11
  • Collective
  • DAW Essentials Collection - $159 value
  • MOK Waverazor - $159 value
  • RetroMod Collection $523 value
  • BioTek 2 - $199 value
  • Arachnid Expansion Pack for BioTek 2 - $50 value
  • Antares Auto-Tune (Waveform Edition) - $99 value
  • Melodyne Essential - $99 value
  • 3 Imagina Loops - $297 value
  • Delta-V Audio SpaceCraft - $99 value

Waveform is a rapidly evolving application specifically designed for the needs of modern music producers. Specializing in creative and inspirational workflows and avoiding features not explicitly needed to allow the app to remain surprisingly fun and intuitive. While other apps try to appeal to broad user groups, for example, film score, live sound, performance – we are laser-focused on music production.

Extreme Pack Content

Biotek 2

A powerhouse sampling and synthesis workstation offering unlimited sound design in a unique and inspirational environment. In a world full of virtual instruments, BioTek was designed to be different from the ground up. Not only is the engine more capable than existing offerings, but the choice to use natural and environmental samples gave the instrument its unique character. Dive into the weird and wonderful immersive world of BioTek.

Retromod Collection

As the name suggests, the RetroMod series is more than just a collection of sample based imitations – the goal of this series is to capture the soul of classic hardware synthesizers and add something new – a contemporary twist. With huge sample libraries and preset banks, the RetroMod series allow you to add an arsenal of sound sources to your virtual studio.

DAW Essentials Collection

A collection of 16 contemporary FX plugins for use with any DAW. Utilizing the very latest algorithms and coding techniques, the plugins feature extraordinary sound quality in an extremely efficient package, allowing the plugins to be used liberally across a wide range of native computer systems. Empower your creativity with the DAW Essentials Collection.

Delta-V Audio Spacecraft

SpaceCraft Granular Synth is well known for providing instant gratification and inspiring creative flow. Two parallel granular engines provide grain frequency/length control, sample position LFO, stereo reverb/filter and pitch/ring-modulation. The innovative grain pitch sequencer, MIDI / MPE and live sampling capability open up further depths of performance and expression.

MOK Waverazor

Unleash your dark side with Waverazor - a futuristic synth that gives you the power to splice waveforms into aggressive new sounds. The patented oscillator design utilizes a new form of synthesis to produce biting leads, glitched-out basses, cinematic pads, and everything in between. Twist and torture every parameter of sound using a central oscilloscope for precise waveform creation. Morph multiple parameters at once using an array of performance controllers. The collection of included presets provides a launchpad into endless sonic exploration.


A powerful yet simple to navigate subtractive synthesizer. It’s clean UI and small CPU footprint make it a great alternative to Subtractive for less complex sound design tasks. As the name suggests 4OSC offers 4 oscillators, flexible modulation, MPE compatibility, and a range of onboard filters and FX.


Subtractive synthesis started it all, creating the classic analog sounds musicians need for their tracks. Tracktion’s Subtractive synthesizer plugin puts a modern spin on things with 4 oscillators, each with ring modulator, 2 filters, a drive stage in-between, and lots of modulation possibilities. This is followed by a 4-band EQ and 4 effect busses with a wide variety of high-quality effects to choose from. Besides its classic sawtooth, pulse, and triangle oscillators, it adds a Spinal Saw oscillator type delivering up to 11 sawtooth waveforms at once. Multiply that with four oscillators and you get 44 detuned sawtooth waveforms per voice. Its filters provide State-Variable, Transistor Ladder, and Sallen-Key filter types to faithfully recreate classic analog synth sounds. 4 LFOs and 4 envelopes take care of modulations and a nice user interface makes editing quick and easy. Prepare to deep dive into the inspiring world of Subtractive synthesis.


Collective is a powerful sampler and synthesizer capable of generating a wide variety of instrument sounds. Developed to accompany the new music composition tools, Collective allows you to immediately start creating diverse musical styles. Quickly select from over 600 presets and deep dive to surgically craft your unique sound. Pull from the included sample library or load your own, combine with synthesis or cherish the supreme quality of traditional samples. One instrument to rule them all.

Artisan Collection

We are proud to announce the inclusion of a whopping 186 new plugins built into Waveform Pro. The Artisan Collection is based on the wildly popular Airwindows DSP providing inspirational audio sculpting tools. Each plugin is focused on a particular task which can be used individually to add a specific edge to your sound, or in combination to build a rich multi-effect. There is a wide variety of tools in the collection – everything from really useful sound-shaping to some weird and wonderful surprises. Dive in and create your own sonic playground.


Waveform is the only DAW to include genuine Auto-Tune technology from Antares Technologies. Waveform includes the new Auto-Tune Access plug-in to provide the legendary real-time pitch correction and vocal effects that have launched countless hits. Auto-Tune Access delivers the core Auto-Tune features with a simple and intuitive interface. Its light CPU footprint and professional quality processing also make it a convenient option for more advanced users working with larger projects. Three-position Retune Speed and Humanize knobs allow for a variety of tuning applications, from subtle and natural-sounding pitch correction to the most extreme Auto-Tune Effect. Low latency processing lets you perform through Auto-Tune Access in real-time on stage or in the studio, without worrying about distracting delay.


Melodyne lets you work with audio in an entirely new way. If a good take is spoiled by small errors, you don’t have to throw it away, because with Melodyne you can simply repair it. Regardless of whether they’re intonation or timing errors, notes that are too loud or too quiet, with too much vibrato or too little. You can optimize the tiniest details of your recordings, bringing them as close to perfection as you desire. And since Melodyne works in a highly musical way, neither the vitality nor the naturalness of the performance is sacrificed in the process. Furthermore, the unbelievable flexibility of audio in Melodyne can be the launching pad for your boldest ideas. Notes, phrases, rhythms, and noises in Melodyne become raw material that you can stretch, reshape, layer, and transform - virtually at will. If a thing is conceivable, there’s a good chance that with Melodyne you can also make it a reality.

Elastique Pro

Elastique Pro time-stretch algorithm by Z-Plane is the industry-leading algorithm for advanced audio time stretching. The Elastique Pro mode is especially suited for professional usage maintaining speech/vocal intelligibility at the highest level without introducing usual phasing artifacts. Built into the heart of Waveform, this allows you to time expand and contract your audio with absolute confidence whatever the source material. Get ready to stretch, contract, and warp your sounds with ease.

Drum Sampler

Waveform’s new drum sampler is a fast and easy way to quickly create your own drum kits and start programming. Utilizing simple drag and drop for audio files, MIDI learn for rapid assignment to external controllers, and a ton of great editing features commonly used for drum production, the Drum Sampler is your new powerhouse for creating beats. Intelligent integration with our popular MIDI Step Clips allow you to seamlessly move into arrangements and creative tools such as ‘note repeat’ allow you to dynamically perform your rhythms. It’s as easy as sample, play, create.

Multi-Sampler Instrument

The concept of sampling has been around for decades and still remains relevant in all forms of music production. The process of finding sounds, manipulating them, and storing them for use in your own compositions can be a critical element for defining ‘your sound’. The Multi-Sampler instrument goes deep, offering truly contemporary sampling capabilities – but that’s not where the innovation ends. We have gone beyond the standard sampler features and optimized user workflow and integration within the DAW so creating your own sounds is faster and more intuitive. For example, the sampler can record directly from other apps – such as your web browser – which means sound sources are literally unlimited. Fans of ReCycle will love the one-button audio clip import/slice and convert to MIDI tool. Adding content into the sampler, manipulating in creative ways, and storing/recalling your sounds has never been more inspirational – create your sound.

Drum Loops

Waveform Pro includes a collection of unique, full multi-track drum loops, recorded in one of Italy’s finest studios. Utilizing Waveform’s Track Loop format, the content can be auditioned as a stereo file and utilized as such, or imported in full multi-track format at the touch of a button for ultimate flexibility. With a wide array of drumming styles available, these collections can form the basis of diverse musical genres.

Extreme pack includes Alex Sanfilippo, Roberto Testa, and Riccardo Lombardo collections.

System Requirements
  • macOS 10.11 or Later - 64-bit
  • Windows 8 & 10 - 64-bit
  • Tested on Ubuntu 18.04 - 64-bit
  • Raspberry Pi 2, 3, 4 - 32-bit
  • Raspbian 10 (Buster)