VSL Bosendorfer Imperial

Standard Library

Grand Piano Virtual Instrument

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Steinberg eLicenser USB key required
AAX Native - Compatible with Pro Tools 11 and above
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Grand Passion

  • Full 8 octaves in tonal range – 97 keys (with bass extension)
  • Warm, orchestral sound, rich in depth and tone color
  • Powerful bass
  • Six pre-configured Main Presets: Concert, Intimate, Player, Pop, Ambience, Mighty
  • Proprietary Vienna Synchron Pianos engine with adjustable sympathetic resonances, pedal noise, key noise and so much more
  • Per-note EQ, volume, dynamic range and tuning
  • Advanced Release Sample Technology
  • Recorded at Stage A of Synchron Stage Vienna

We're always striving to improve and optimize our products and procedures – a special challenge, having set a very high bar with the grands we’ve previously captured at Synchron Stage Vienna. Listening back to the virtual representation of our brand-new Bösendorfer Imperial, we believe we’ve created a new milestone in the art of piano sampling.

The Bösendorfer Concert Grand 290 Imperial represents the apex of the famed Austrian piano manufacturer’s precious heritage. Its nine additional sub-bass notes extend the instrument’s key range downward to the low C – for a total range of eight octaves. The extra bass strings create additional harmonic resonance with every key you strike, providing warmth, richness, and depth across the entire instrument. The massive soundboard projects an unusually broad frequency range, evoking a sonorous, orchestral timbre.

The Imperial’s magically unfolding tonal character, especially apparent in the pianissimo to mezzoforte range, was meticulously sampled in finely calibrated velocity steps using our proprietary piano robot that we’ve further developed and perfected. To guarantee a consistent sound over all keys, velocities, and note lengths, the total recording production time was scheduled as tightly as possible to minimize even the smallest changes in the instrument’s sonic behavior. A sufficient block of time was reserved at the Synchron Stage, but after recording nearly 24 hours a day it still took several weeks to capture the 290 Imperial in its entirety.

What’s more, our proprietary Release Sample Technology was even further refined, allowing the Synchron Player to automatically match hundreds of individual and finely stepped release samples per key to your played notes in real-time. The result is a hyper-realistic playing feel and 100% timbral authenticity.

As with all the instruments of our Synchron Pianos series, this Bösendorfer 290 Imperial enjoys permanent, climate-controlled residency at Synchron Stage Vienna, whose main hall is characterized by its particularly warm and natural ambience. The 540 m2 Stage A has lent its acoustic signature to numerous international productions, from classical chamber music to international, large-scale orchestral film scores.

The Vienna Synchron Pianos software player offers multiple options for shaping your sound and the playing experience. Hosting a high-performance playback engine, the software provides a musician-friendly user interface that allows for quick and easy timbral control. Create your sound intuitively by filtering particular key ranges or even single keys, adjust the body resonance of the instrument or add just a touch of algorithmic reverb to refine the overall sound.

11 Microphone Positions

With over 4,000 samples per key and almost 20,000 samples per microphone position, the Bösendorfer Imperial boasts breathtaking authenticity. In order to capture this marvelous instrument in one of the best acoustic environments on the planet, our recording engineers used multiple high-end microphone arrays, affording an abundance of options for creating your individual sound.

Standard Library

  • 1. Room Mic (Mix)
  • 2. Condenser - Close 1 (Sennheiser MKH 8040)
  • 3. Mid 1 (Sennheiser MKH 800)
  • 4. Main/Room Mic – Decca Tree Stereo (L/R)
  • 5. Main/Room Mic – Decca Tree Mono (Center)

Full Library

  • 1. Room Mic (Mix)
  • 2. Condenser - Close 1 (Sennheiser MKH 8040)
  • 3. Ribbon - Close 2 (Royer SF-24)
  • 4. Tube - Close 3 (Neumann M149)
  • 5. Mid 1 (Sennheiser MKH 800)
  • 6. Mid 2 (Sennheiser MKH 8040)
  • 7. Main/Room Mic – Decca Tree Stereo (L/R)
  • 8. Main/Room Mic – Decca Tree Mono (Center)
  • 9. Main Surround – Stereo (L/R)
  • 10. High Stereo (3D) – Stereo (L/R)
  • 11. High Surround (3D) – Stereo (L/R)
System Requirements
Minimum System
  • Windows 7, 8, or 10 (latest update, 64-bit)
  • Mac OS X 10.10 (latest update) or higher
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2
  • SSD (M2, Sata 6 or USB3/3.1 UASP Support) for sample content
  • 8 GB RAM (16 GB recommended)
  • AU/VST/AAX Native compatible host (AAX version requires Pro Tools 10.3.5 or higher)
  • VIENNA KEY (Vienna Symphonic Library USB protection device) or other USB eLicenser (e.g., from Steinberg or Arturia)
  • Free hard drive space Standard Library: 128.8 GB (individual microphone data can be removed)
  • Free hard drive space Full Library: 295.3 GB (individual microphone data can be removed)

Other configurations may work but are not actively supported.

Recommended System

  • Windows 7, 8, or 10 (latest update, 64-bit)
  • Mac OS X 10.12 (or higher)
  • Intel i5, i7, or Xeon CPU
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 88 key master keyboard

Standard Library
Sample Amount: 108,025
Download File Size: 38.6 GB
Installed File Size: 128.8 GB

Full Library
Sample Amount: 237,655
Download File Size: 91.5 GB
Installed File Size: 295.3 GB