Leapwing Audio CenterOne

Mid/Side Processor Plugin

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AAX Native - Compatible with Pro Tools 11 and above
AudioUnits Format VST2 Format VST3 Format MacOS Logo Windows Logo

Adjust your phantom centre signal without changing the panorama or spectral characteristics.

Feel like the vocal is just a tiny bit too loud, but don't want to change any of the stereo spread? CenterOne allows you to bring the phantom centre of a stereo signal forward or backward without changing any of the panned signals.

Phantom Centre Manipulation

Bring the centre panned signal within a stereo stream forward or bring it back by up to 6dB without changing any of the panorama.

Extract Left-Centre-Right

Encodes LR signal into LCR in a unique bit-identical way.

Simple Yet Beautiful Design

Beautiful Retina interface with a unique design focused on the optimal workflow.

Extremely Good Filters

The highest quality audio processing algorithms available.

Multiple DAW & OS Compatibility

Available on Mac OSX (10.9 +), Windows 8, 10 (64-bit only) in AAX-Native, VST, VST3 and AU